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    Outside Webster
    Function: Destroys spiders' food source
    Benefit: Removes unsightly webs and leaves botanical repellent

    Eave and Soffit Application

    Function: Reduces pest access to attic and crawl space
    Benefit: Uses a boron product to keep pests from using attic to get inside home
    Hot Spotting
    Function: Treats entry points into home
    Benefit: So pests can't use door and window cracks and crevices to get inside home
    Power Treating
    Function: Pushes material into cracks
    Benefit: Eliminates pests hiding in deep crevices around home
    Apply Granules
    Function: Treats pests under foliage
    Benefit: Attacks pests deep in foliage and rockbeds that are hard to reach
    First Bait
    Function: Reduces adult pests & larvae
    Benefit: Boric acid bait reduces pests in yard before they approach your home
    Second Bait
    Function: Halts ant from reproduction
    Benefit: Soil bacterium impacts colonies you can't see before they become a problem
    Function: Blocks pests out of home
    Benefit: Plugs cracks that pests use to enter your home
    Interior Webster
    Function: Removes webs indoors
    Benefit: Removes webs in ceiling corners
    Interior Dusting
    Function: Treats pest hiding places in home
    Benefit: Boron product provides long term protection against pest harborage inside your home
    Attic/Crawl Dusting 
    Function: Reduces pest access to attic and crawl space
    Benefit: Boron product applied to recessed areas to keep pests from getting inside your home
    Roach Bait Stations
    Function: Treats roaches attracted to moisture
    Benefit: Customer doesn't need to worry about roaches under sinks
    Botanical Aerosol
    Function: Knocks down pests in closets
    Benefit: Eliminates pests seeking harborage in closets
    Insect Monitoring Stations
    Function: Traps insects invading environment
    Benefit: Report card on insects inside your home